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About Deviant Blaze (And Shadow!) SwiftFemale/United States Group :iconbuddypoke-paradise: BuddyPoke-Paradise
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The Singer's Scientist :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 0 3
Mature content
We Came From the Nether pt. 3 :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 0 0
Sgistuck Hallow by BlazeSwift15 Sgistuck Hallow :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 0 11 Shadow Sprite edit. Happy. by BlazeSwift15 Shadow Sprite edit. Happy. :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 0 0
Worse than Herobrine. By Shadow Swift
Skit rolled out of bed, he had a nightmare. He ran to his father’s bed room and shrieked “HEROBRINE’S GONNA GET ME!” What he saw was worse than Herobrine. His parents were fucking. Skit ran and screeched. Skit is scared for life, The End.
:iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 4 7
Untitled Drawing by BlazeSwift15 Untitled Drawing :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 1 0 Duet for 00BakuraFan00 by BlazeSwift15 Duet for 00BakuraFan00 :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 0 9
We Came From the Nether. P2.
"Shadow, stay at the base! If you come with me to talk to Sparklez we'll never get this mission done!" Blaze screamed at Shadow as she shoved her into their Nether base.
"Hell no! I'm- ugh. Fine I'll stay here..." Shadow mumbled in defeat. "If you don't get this done, HB help me! If you get in a fight with SparklyPants, I'm getting my ass over there!" She hissed.
"I will assure you I will not get into a fight. I'll be fine, Shadow. Don't worry." Blaze said and stood in her Nether portal and transported away.
Blaze walked down the sidewalk calmly and planned what she was going to say. Se approached the house and lightly knocked on the door.
"Hello?" Ant opened the door and looked at the tall blaze girl in front of him. "Who are you?" 
"H-Hi, Mr AntVenom! I was wondering if I could talk to you? My name is Blaze..." she said and looked at the ground.
"Hi, Blaze. Would you like to come in? We can talk." Ant looked at the girl step inside the house. Sparklez jumped down the steps to se
:iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 0 0
We Came From the Nether. By ShadowSwift
We Came From the Nether. By ShadowSwift
Blaze and Shadow sat in front of a child's school as they watched ice cream drip to the ground. Blaze ate her ice cream and cringed as the loud bell rang, "Ah! Shadow! It's too loud!" Blaze said. Blaze cursed as she whispered "god damn why do loud things hurt my ears so easily..." 
"It's ok, Blaze. He's almost out of school. We skipped school for a good reason and I am not going to fail this mission of mine. We'll tell him that we know his dad and give him the pictures. His parents don't pick him up for 5 more minutes so we need to do this quickly and get the hell out before anyone notices us, alright?" Shadow explained as she watched the boy with the rubix cube hat wait by the small gate near the school.
Blaze got up and walked to the boy. "H-Hi my name is Blaze, your name is SkitScape, right? A friend of mine told me to give this pictures of your dad to you, if that's alright with you." She knelt down to his eye level and gave him the pict
:iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 0 0
The Flame and Darkness by BlazeSwift15 The Flame and Darkness :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 1 1 The thing I was going to make for Sunrise/ by BlazeSwift15 The thing I was going to make for Sunrise/ :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 1 3 Rogue of Heart by BlazeSwift15 Rogue of Heart :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 0 1 Knight of Blood. Karkat Vantas by BlazeSwift15 Knight of Blood. Karkat Vantas :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 2 1 Heir of Breath by BlazeSwift15 Heir of Breath :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 1 0 Broadway KARKAT by BlazeSwift15 Broadway KARKAT :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 0 0 Johndave Is Not Canon by BlazeSwift15 Johndave Is Not Canon :iconblazeswift15:BlazeSwift15 1 10


amputation by Hnybnny amputation :iconhnybnny:Hnybnny 3 0 High as a kite by Hnybnny High as a kite :iconhnybnny:Hnybnny 4 2 ew by Hnybnny ew :iconhnybnny:Hnybnny 5 5 Anette by Hnybnny Anette :iconhnybnny:Hnybnny 1 0 Obscure... Miku by K-osWolf Obscure... Miku :iconk-oswolf:K-osWolf 624 133 Bloody Painter with The Puppeteer by DeluCat Bloody Painter with The Puppeteer :icondelucat:DeluCat 946 69 The Puppeteer and Sally by BleedingHeartworks The Puppeteer and Sally :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 1,032 91
Creepy Pasta: The Puppeteer
I had this doll for quite a while now. 
It was a beautiful porcelain doll. You know, the way that most porcelain doll looks like. I was just like that. Wavy, long blonde curls. Black eyes. A beautiful pink and red dress with a typical headband with lace around the edges. It was a doll I received from my mother at an early age. At that age I always thought it was such a pretty doll - A perfect look. My grandmother had almost fifty dolls of that kind. All of them beautiful, perfect porcelain dolls. But this one in particular, the blonde with the red dress, I will always remember. 
Because this is the one that would be the death of me.
I lived alone for quite awhile, had now. I had just gotten into college, seeing my whole life lay in front of me and all I had to do was to just go and pick out what I wanted. Easy as that. I was aiming for Psychology - A subject I had started to respect and enjoy the last three years. Seeing as my mother was a nurse and my dad a therapist, It was
:iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 1,208 359
Creepypasta: Bloody Painter REF by DeluCat Creepypasta: Bloody Painter REF :icondelucat:DeluCat 1,084 105 You are not alone!!! by DeluCat You are not alone!!! :icondelucat:DeluCat 2,370 402 Helen: DON'T TOUCH THAT!! by DeluCat Helen: DON'T TOUCH THAT!! :icondelucat:DeluCat 1,037 191 Bloody Painter by DeluCat Bloody Painter :icondelucat:DeluCat 987 53
(2013) CreepyPasta: Bloody Painter
This is Helen, 14 years old. His dark circles feel as if he has never slept enough. He doesn’t care about his messy black hair, since he doesn’t like to put too much effort on tidying himself up; it’s unnecessary.
His seat is at the back of the classroom, next to the window; he always sits there drawing quietly, as it is like everything to him. He doesn’t like to socialize with people, making him a lonely one.
There was a person being pushed to the floor after school. That’s Tom, who is always the victim of bullying, not because he did anything before, it’s just the dislikes of people around him. These things happen often, and Helen is used to it. Though he does feel bad for Tom, he doesn’t want to interfere, as it is quite bothersome.
During recess, Judy says she’s missing her watch as she searches for it. Helen doesn’t help her, since it’s none of his business. Suddenly, someone sees something flashing in Helen’s bag.
:icondelucat:DeluCat 1,074 297
Searching for a new Founder
I'm looking for a few new co-founders and contributors for a few reasons:
I'm going to be stepping down from my position as founder of this group. I'm not sure when, but it would probably be soon. I have several reasons to do so, but one of the main ones is that I don't find time or interest to make anything Minecraft related anymore, so I really don't think I should be entitled to be the founder of this group.
I'm a bit reluctant to just hand this group over to just some person, though, so I'm asking the members of the group if any of you are interested in taking up the place as founder of the group. If you are, please send me a note saying so and why you would like to be the founder. I'll give you a place as either contributor or co-founder to see how you handle things first, then I might just give you the place as founder.
I should note, though, even though I'm not going to be the founder of the group anymore, please, if you so happen to be the one who does end up being the new foun
:iconsparkant:SparkAnt 2 0
Dollicious Sweet by meago Dollicious Sweet :iconmeago:meago 3,279 168 Ramen II by meago Ramen II :iconmeago:meago 7,156 307



its been for fucking ever since ive been on here, but im not deactivating. too many good memories. more embarrassing than good, but still. i dont know what to say here. i guess im not dead?


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Blaze (And Shadow!) Swift
United States
Sup motherfuckers. Blaze and Shadow Swift here.

two sisters runnin' a deviantart thing


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