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Dear Bullies,
You see that 15-year-old girl holding hands with her one-year-old son that you called a slut?
She was raped at 13.
You see that boy crying that you made fun of for being a cry-baby?
His best friend committed suicide last night.
You see that girl that you make fun of for having all those bruises?
She is abused by her parents.
You see that bald woman that you made fun of?
She is dying of breast cancer.
You see that old man that you called ugly?
He got a serious injury to his face in the war.
You see that man that you made fun of for having all those burns?
He ran into a burning hospital to save his dead daughter.
You see that girl that you called fat?
She is starving herself.
You see that boy you called stupid?
He has Down Syndrome. (I hate this one so much.. being bullied for something you were born with...)
Like this status and re-post if you are against bullying. I bet that none of you will re-post this status. I did. (Stupid chain mail, half of my friends will - they are allthe best people in the world)
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Submitted on
January 3, 2013


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